gift is cursed.

March 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

In the middle of our exciting game of word association; my dear friend Oto declared that “Today, I hate being a designer”. I couldnt help but appreciate his choice of words, which, I’m pretty sure he had not calculated in the midst of all his anger.

Today he hates being a designer. Yesterday I hated being a writer. Invariably, I gave him all the responses I knew he needed to hear: “why dont you stop? cut down a bit? use it where it matters?” we both knew it was never going to happen. We both knew because, no matter how many yesterdays or todays or fridays we hate being who we are — we are indefinitely meshed into the single gifts of enlightenment that make us part of the loved/hated percentage of individuals in this world: the creatives.

It’s not so much an intrepid decision we wake up to on a glorious Sunday morning; light beaming upon our foreheads as we raise our arms to the heavens shouting “I AM A CREATIVE”. No. We are fertilised into that ground as seeds, and kicking and screaming we are cultivated as curious minds that refuse to follow. It is the most difficult, most annoying most inconsiderate placement the fates have ever chosen for any worldly demographic.

No, creativity does not think about how you’ll fit in at school. No, creativity does not have a plan for all those math tests you will fail and the time spent in science class doodling. No, creativity will NOT reply to “DAMNIT I AM STARVING, WHEN WILL THIS BOOK SELL?!”.

It is our job to be the starving hopefuls of the world. We are the ones who sit at our laptops; day after day after day praying that somehow it is going to change for the better — and we will no longer be puppets to corporates who need pretty words with pretty pictures — knowing full well that it will not change and we will continue sitting at our screens and we will continue working hand to mouth for just that five minutes of recognition of “oh what lovely work” before our sweat is thrown into the trashcans of a filthy society and forgotten forever.

yes. Today, I hate being a designer. Tomorrow, I will hate being a writer… And next wednesday I am planning on hating being a music producer.

It is my right, afterall.


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